Duty of Care in the Workplace: Addressing Healthcare Violence

Workplace violence in healthcare continues to be a pressing issue throughout the US. Duty of Care which outlines the responsibility medical facilities have to provide a safe and secure workplace for their staff, should also be of paramount concern. But is it? The growing levels of stress for healthcare professionals and their patients – as […]

Why Having a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan in Healthcare is Vital to Success

It is difficult to watch the daily news without seeing headlines of a workplace falling victim to a hostile act. This is even more prevalent in the healthcare industry. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the healthcare and social service industries have the greatest rates of workplace violence injuries, with workers in these […]

The Workplace Violence PAPER Tiger

UNINTENDED DANGERS OF CERTIFICATES AND MEETING REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS “I meet the regulatory requirements.”…. “My program received a certificate.” I have been hearing these two statements over the last several months and quite frankly I find them disturbing. As we have been tackling the massively complex healthcare workplace violence topic, there have been many hurdles to […]

Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Program Keys

In this video, we will take a short walk through a few key elements to consider when working through your workplace violence program. We sincerely hope that what you learn from our information will help guide your program into an evidence-based, results-driven workplace violence prevention process. If you want to hear more about this process […]

The Workplace Violence Trap in Healthcare

Healthcare Violence Trap

“Security, assistance needed in room 123. Security, assistance needed in room 123”. This call is too often used for situations that clinical staff should have de-escalated. In a disturbing yet fast-growing trend, the security teams are called upon to de-escalate a situation. Why is this the case? Why is it that security is becoming the […]

Hidden Dollars

Wasted Dollars

Over the last decade, there has been a growing amount of data on workplace violence in healthcare and its negative outcomes. The focus has been mainly on the events themselves and just briefly touches on the financial impact these negative events have on the organization. I have discovered a disturbing trend through my years working […]

The Complete Workplace Violence Prevention Program

The H.R. 1195 Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare and Social Services legislation, The Joint Commission, and CMS recommend a programmatic approach to workplace violence prevention. There are very specific requirements, such as a workplace violence prevention planning committee. This is NOT the risk committee, as that committee focuses on ALL risks to the facility or […]

Workplace Violence Incident Reporting Form

why another form

The question comes to mind, why have another incident reporting form or process when we already have a critical incident reporting process? The answer is simple and multifaceted. Like other incidents, workplace violence is required to be tracked and reported to committee. Unlike other critical incidents, workplace violence is quite likely a daily occurrence in […]

Workplace Violence in Healthcare, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The history of workplace violence in healthcare has always been present, yet the prevalence only came to light after the 2011 – 2018 OSHA all industry study on workplace violence. The disturbing fact is that of all industries reporting workplace violence events, healthcare reported 73% of the entire study cases. An even more disturbing fact […]

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