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All-Hazards Preparedness Assessments: Our all-hazards assessment is unique to the industry, as we account for Consequence. Through innovative techniques a value score is given to each aspect of the assessment, which finalizes in an overall risk score. The items identified in the assessment are ranked and the mitigation recommendations are set in the priority of the client and vulnerability.

Security Assessments: The general thought for security assessments is one of additional cost. Our assessments are unique as we address opportunities for cost savings to your security systems. The comprehensive assessment not only assesses your facility, but also assesses the community around your location. By focusing on both aspects, we can give you the most complete and accurate assessment.

Crime Prevention, Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Awareness & Training : Our awareness training program is a unique training session that was initially developed for the Department of Homeland Security-Headquarters Division. By building on the principles of Crime Prevention, we help establish the foundation for Workplace Violence and Active Shooter awareness. All our sessions are available for in-person,  instructor lead live virtual training, and Recorded with pauses for live questions. 

Personal Awareness and Preparedness: Through our presentation and simple forms, we help you achieve a better understanding of personal awareness. We link the personal awareness to a preparedness foundation, so that you may be ready for life’s challenges. All our sessions are available for in-person or instructor lead live virtual training.

Training Exercise: We can meet your needs for training from the smallest Tabletop Exercise to a Full Scale, Multi-Agency Exercise. Our 30 years of experience allows us to apply our past experiences to help guide you through a successful event. We provide after action reviews to ensure you may address the issues found during the exercise, which will allow your organization to mitigate them in the future.

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