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BluWater Risk Management is an independent security consulting firm that assists health care, social services, businesses, and other organizations to better manage their security risks and reduce the negative impacts to their staff and facility.

Healthcare and Social Services

Healthcare and Social Services face an unspoken epidemic of workplace violence. BluWater Risk Management assists with the entire process of creating a successful workplace violence prevention program through:

  • Workplace Violence Prevention Plan Writing Template
    • This template assures all best practices are identified as well as meets regulatory requirements for plan content.
  • Workplace Violence Incident Reporting Form
    • The regulatory required tracking, reporting, and mitigating of workplace violence is greater today than ever before.  Our form will allow for the client to track all reported workplace violence events and make better decisions on effective mitigations.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention through Healthcare Specific De-escalation Training
    • Through our strategic partner KLA Risk, we offer the Hospital Assault Response and Prevention (H.A.R.P ™).  A de-escalation course designed by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.
  • Facility Security Vulnerability or Risk Assessment Support.
  • Employee Past Workplace Violence Event Survey
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Planning, Mitigation, and Training Workshop
  • Identify the true cost of workplace violence events to the client.

Other Ways in which we can help

  • Find the right balance between security and convenience.
  • Provide security in a way that respects the unique culture of your organization.
  • Make employees, customers, and guests feel safer and more secure.
  • Reduce losses due to burglary, vandalism, pilferage, and theft.
  • Keep from spending money on security equipment that will not solve your problems.
  • Have your security program add value to your organization’s bottom line.
 We specialize in helping companies and organizations that do not have a security department or security manager on staff. We help non-security professionals to create and operate effective security programs that allow security to be managed without having a dedicated security department.

Why Choose BluWater Risk Management?

BluWater Risk Management has in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of:
  • Regulatory and legislative proceedings effecting security
  • The latest security training and exercise methodologies
  • Custom physical security or risk survey
  • All hazards vulnerability assessments
  • Effective crime prevention strategies and employee awareness program
BluWater Risk Management uses a customized security assessment procedure that has been successfully used at the highest-level facilities within private industry and the Federal Government.  Our assessment is unique to any methodology available, as we account for consequence.

Our Team

Kelly L. Austin, PsyD

Vice President
Hospital Workplace Violence

Dr. Austin leads KLA Risk’s hospital workplace violence division. Her responsibilities include all facets of providing workplace violence consulting and training for our hospital clients. Dr. Austin is the author of our Hospital Workplace Violence Protocol™.  The Protocol includes KLA Risk’s hospital-specific, evidence-based training, Hospital Assault Response and Prevention (HARP™). 


Dr. Austin speaks at healthcare associations across the country on various topics within the realm of workplace violence. In 2018, she was appointed a member of the Emergency Nurses Association Institute of Quality, Safety and Injury Prevention Advisory Council for a two-year term.

Kelly is an active member of the following organizations:

International Association of Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS)

Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)

Association of California Nurse Leaders (ACNL)

Ohio Hospital Association’s Safety Leadership Council

Jeffrey A. Jenkins

BluWater Risk Management

Jeffrey A. Jenkins has been in the Security and Emergency Management arena for over 30 years. His career began in 1989 as a Security Police Airman in the U.S. Air Force. After three years of service, he accepted a position with the Federal Government as a Federal Police Officer for the Department of Defense, where quickly advanced to the rank of Sergeant in just two years. Three years later he was promoted to Lieutenant as a Watch Commander. He continued his education and training over the next several years. 

After 15 years in uniformed police work, he changed career paths and became a Federal Security Specialist.  His expertise in Security, Law Enforcement, and Security Assessments was recognized by his peers and he was detailed to the Department of Homeland Security as a liaison. After four years he accepted a position as Security Specialist within the Department of Homeland Security Headquarters Division. He is recognized as a subject matter expert in several fields, including Crime Prevention / Workplace Violence / Active Shooter, Security Assessments, Public Speaking, Project Management, Continuity of Operations, and Risk Management.  

In January 2015, he retired from the Federal Government to pursue a career with the State of Florida Health Department. During his time with the Health Department, he revamped the Cities Readiness Program, completed the CDC regulatory review, and created a benchmark employee tracking, assignment, and accountability system called “The Central Staff Staging Area”. The system was adopted by King County Washington (Seattle) and was recognized as a Best Practice by the CDC. After two years with the Health Department, he accepted a position with Orlando Health. He managed two hospitals, two skilled nursing facilities, two cancer centers, two surgical centers, and the National Training Center emergency management programs. Currently he is the Co-owner and Manager for The BluWater Group, BluWater Risk Management.

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