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Workplace Violence Incident Reporting Form

The question comes to mind, why have another incident reporting form or process when we already have a critical incident reporting process? The answer is simple and multifaceted. Like other incidents, workplace violence is required to be tracked and reported to committee. Unlike other critical incidents, workplace violence is quite likely a daily occurrence in most busier healthcare organizations. Additionally, when looking at effective mitigations to negative events, not needing to sift through unrelated incidents saves valuable time. The form’s functionality will allow for collecting data by incident type, location, date, time, etc. The form resides in the cloud and is accessible by login, and can be completed easily from any location. As for reporting to different regulatory or commissioning surveyors, the process and data will show a process in which the organization is attempting to address their workplace violence negative events. Ultimately, as part of a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program, without solid and easily accessible reporting data, it is crucial to have an effective program. There are also advances in reporting in the works for future releases. One exciting update will be linking recommended mitigations to the negative event. As an example, if the event was the nurse was kicked by the patient, the word kicked would create a link to suggested mitigations. In addition, we are working towards linking the reporting function to the medical records to properly alert medical staff of past workplace violence events concerning the client they may be about to see.


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