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TJC/CMS Security Survey Preparation:  We can assist you review your preparedness for the TJC/CMS survey.  An independent review of your plans, policies and training sessions can provide an enhanced view of your program. In addition, you can present the review to your TJC/CMS surveyor as a supporting document for validation.

Security Assessment – Healthcare Focused:  The unique environment and working conditions found in healthcare facilities require a specially formatted security assessment.  The patient care and security requirements can, at times, be prohibitive, and a proper assessment may help you plan for those issues.

Mandatory Annual Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA):  All healthcare facilities are required to complete an annual Hazard Vulnerability Analysis.  The tool used for this analysis is available to any person who is responsible to complete the task.  However, to properly complete the analysis, there are several persons and organizations who should attend the meeting.  We will make every effort to assure all who should be in attendance are there.  In addition, the HVA is also used to identify the areas where the facility should focus their tabletop and full-scale exercises.

HVA Based Training Exercise:  We can meet your needs for training from the smallest Tabletop Exercise to a Full Scale, Multi-Agency Exercise.  Based on your latest HAV, we mold any level of exercise to meet those findings.  Our decades of experience allows us to apply our past experiences to help guide you through a successful event.  We provide after action reviews to ensure you may address the issues found during the exercise, which will allow your organization to mitigate them in the future.

Healthcare Incident Command System Training (HICS) – General Overview:  This training session is a quick, one hour awareness training on the HICS positions and how they function as a team.  The benefit for this session is, it will provide your staff a general understanding of the HICS format, System ology, and what role they may play during an activation.  All our sessions are available for in-person, instructor lead live virtual training, and Recorded with pauses for live questions.

Healthcare Incident Command System Training (HICS) – Position Specific:  This training session encompasses the HICS General Overview along with each position in greater detail.  This course is beneficial for the beginner and intermediate HICS staff who need to better understand their position.  All our sessions are available for in-person, instructor lead live virtual training, and Recorded with pauses for live questions.

Crime Prevention, Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Awareness Program – Healthcare Focused:  A 2018 OSHA survey found that 78% of all reported workplace violence, occurred in healthcare facilities.  The unique balance between patient rights and a successful security program can be a delicate prospect.  Through our customized training for healthcare facilities, we address the information along with the questions your staff may have.  All our sessions are available for in-person or instructor lead live virtual training.

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