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Security Contract Performance Compliance – Non-Disclosure:  All security guard companies are in competition with each other for the next best contracts.  Our service will assist you in reviewing your current contracts to assure you are meeting all the points of service to the client.  All the information gathered is strictly self-regulated and we will provide a signed Non-disclosure agreement.  Through this assessment you may also identify other services you have to offer or services you are not receiving the correct compensation.

Officer Site Knowledge:  As staffing requirement usually require all supervisors and managers to be engaged in daily operations, we can help fill the gap in quality control.  After a review of your site security role, policies, procedures, and plans, we construct a short verbal quiz for your staff.  We visit the site, and without disturbing their operations, we conduct the quiz.  All quizzes are anonymous and only in certain cases will the officer be identified directly.  This will allow the officers to feel more open to answering the questions directly.

Supervisor Company Policy and Officer Knowledge:  As with the officer quiz, we randomly select officers to survey concerning the company.  The survey is 100% anonymous, so that we may get the purest answers.  We survey the supervisors/managers to better understand their understanding of their staff and the work environment.  The benefit to this will help address concerning the employees may have that the supervisors are not aware.  It may also help with retention of officers, less “call off” times, and open posts.

Continuity of Operations (COOP)  – Vulnerability Assessment:  We have a unique capability to address the vulnerabilities found in security guard companies.  In security operations the most common issue is “Open Post” or unfulfilled contract obligations.  Through a review of your operating procedures and plans we can assist with the recovery to full contract compliance.  Through innovative process mapping we can streamline your operations and if needed, your recovery process.

Compliance Certification:  Upon completion of the Security Contract Performance Compliance process, you will receive a certificate.  This document may be used for your marketing and proof of business for larger contracts, such as Government or Construction projects.

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